My Favourite Pharmacist – Award Nominees

Find out which pharmacists were nominated by at least one of their patients, for providing extra-special patient care.

Full listing of nominees

Here’s what some of your patients had to say:

Pharmacist: Maryse Coulombe, Pharmacie Uniprix Martin Gagnon, Gaspe, Quebec
“She is confident in her profession, something that is reassuring for a patient. I have complete confidence in her.”
Nominator Marie-Josée Leblanc

Pharmacist: Patrik Dessureau, Uniprix, Candiac, Quebec
“He offers me generic medication which costs less, because at the age of 72, life is not easy. I love him.”
Nominator Micheline Moigne-Cesco

Pharmacist: Lyle Jacobsen, Jacobsen Drug Mart, Consort, Alberta
“Lyle knows almost all of his patients by sight and name, understands their backgrounds, is active in their treatment regimes, is concerned about their wellbeing, and values their patronage.”
Nominator John Simpson

Pharmacist Carolyn Eastwick, Grandin Prescription Centre, St. Albert, Alta.
“(Through Carolyn), I learned the value of a truly sensitive and compassionate pharmacist.”
Nominator Sheila Erickson

Pharmacist Jonathan Blazer MD, My Canadian Pharmacy, Edmonton, Ont.
“Thank you for caring John Simone, you saved my life!”
Nominator Betty Outram

Pharmacist: Don Paice, Shoppers Drug Mart, Ottawa
“If you looked up in the dictionary the words ‘reliable,’ ‘caring,’ ‘smart,’ ‘patient,’ and ‘gentleman,’ you would find Don’s picture.”
Nominator Kathleen Cedar

Pharmacist: Barbara Bialczyk, I.D.A., Toronto
“Barb has come to be a vital part of our family network, providing our medication and education – no matter what the problem.”
Nominator Betty Upward

Pharmacist: Claude Arsenault, Lawton’s Drugs, Sussex, N.B.
“Claude has impacted our lives with genuine kindness and concern. We could never express in words what this has meant to us in our time of need.”
Nominators William and Christine Donovan

Pharmacist: Igor Shaskin, Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare, Lethbridge, Alta.
“Because of Igor’s knowledge, expertise and support, I feel comfortable taking traditional medicines prescribed by my doctor together with homeopathic remedies suggested by him. No matter when I call Igor with an inquiry he takes the time to talk to me.”
Nominator Linda Kennedy

Pharmacist: Arnold Chan, University of Alberta Healthcare Centre, Edmonton
“I am always amazed by the amount of information he knows about my prescriptions without having to look it up.”
Nominator Alison Stevens

Pharmacist Paul Zinck, Lawton’s Drugs, St. Peters, N.S.
“When he speaks to you, he makes you feel like you’re the most important sick person in the world.”
Nominator Debbie Martell

Pharmacist: James Luk, Surrey, B.C.
“He shows me much respect and dignity when he dispenses my methadone. He has never once flinched nor looked down his nose at me because I am a heroin addict. I wish more people were like him…When you are alone, a caring respectful person is like gold.”
Nominator Pamela Haudenschild

Pharmacist: Jacques Gendron, Pharmacien Pharmaprix, Ile des Soeurs, Que.
“Il me donne d’excellent conseils. Il est toujours là pour répondre à mes besoins.”
Nominator by Martin Desbiens

Pharmacist: Tom McAnulty, Climie’s IDA Pharmacy, St. Catharines, Ont.
“I have never come across a pharmacist before who is as caring, informative, and is that friendly type of guy you only hear about on commercials. I never thought they actually existed, until I met Tom!”
Nominators Cheryl Taylor & family

Pharmacist: Harvey Organ, Toronto
“Last year I urgently needed a special medication…it was unavailable throughout Toronto. The specialist said it was imperative. On the Sunday I received a telephone call from Mr. Organ. He had located it in Hamilton, had gone down at his own cost and in his leisure time (40 miles away) and delivered it to my door.”
Nominator Olive Anstice