Meet last year’s Commitment to Care winners

Call for Entries
for the 2001 Commitment to Care Awards

After reading the rules below, fill out the entry form on the following page and send it along with your submission to:

Commitment to Care Awards
Pharmacy Practice
4th Floor, 777 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5W 1A7.

For more information contact Rosalind Stefanac at (416) 596-3496 Fax: (416) 596-3499

Entry Rules

Each entry should be presented in a folder or binder and must contain:

A completed entry form (photocopies of form are acceptable).
A typed, double-spaced description (not to exceed 750 words) of the Commitment to Care effort undertaken by the entrant. This description should address what is innovative about the initiative undertaken by the individual or pharmacy, and how the initiative was executed, and should also outline its impact on the practice and/or patients and/or community and/or–where applicable–the hospital, university or profession as a whole.
The judges will be assisted greatly by any relevant supporting evidence or documentation (letters from patients and/or colleagues, background information on the entrant, photographs, promotional materials, records of students’ academic achievement, etc.)
Entries must be received in English.
If the same entry is made in more than one category, the entrant is responsible for making duplicate copies of the entire submission.

Nominate yourself or someone you feel deserves recognition. Pharmacists are encouraged to nominate themselves as a way of bringing attention to the important work pharmacists are doing. The identity of the nominator is kept confidential. If you do nominate someone other than yourself and that person is judged a winner, you will receive a prize of $200.


One winner and one honourable mention will be identified in each category. Community pharmacists are eligible for all awards, except Hospital Pharmacy. Hospital pharmacists are eligible for the Hospital, Charitable Work and Service to the Profession categories. Pharmacy students are eligible for the Student Leadership Award only.


All entries must be received no later than Friday, September 28. Early-bird entries received by Friday, Augest 10 will get a special Pharmacy Practice prize.


Entries will be judged by a panel of respected pharmacists, consultants and educators.

Announcement of Winners and Honourable Mentions

Winners and honourable mentions will be notified in mid-October. Each will be profiled in the November 2001 issue of Pharmacy Practice. Winners and honourable mentions will also benefit from a press release campaign promoting their achievements to pharmacy associations and local media outlets.

Winners will receive a trophy and cash award during the annual Commitment to Care Awards luncheon to be held in Toronto on Friday, November 9, 2001. Travel arrangements for each winner and their guest will be made courtesy of Pharmacy Practice.

Honourable mentions will have their plaque sent to them by Pharmacy Practice.

*Pharmacy Practice cannot accept responsibility for returning entries to applicants.